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    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post so flame me too bad. A few months ago I bulit my new computer. It is a P4 2.23 GHz w/ 533fsb, 512mb RAM, 80GB hd all on a Soyo SY-P4S-645DX DRAGON Ultra board. My video card I took from my old computer. It was a Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 64MB. Last night I bought a Radeon 9700 Pro to "complete" my computer. It is a nice card and i paid $350 total from a Circuit City. I play mostly CS and HL Firearms online , a little UT2003, and RTS games like Warcraft3 and Age of Mythology. I did notice a little improvement in CS and a noticiable improvement with UT. I am considering returning the card because while the improvement was nice I wasn't sure it was $350 worth of improvement. What do you guys think? I know the Geforce 2 is getting dated with the newgames coming out

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    1. make sure all traces of your old geforce drivers are removed from your old system to get the most out of Radeon - do a thprough registry cleaning or consider a fresh Windows install

    2. I don't play CS - but since it's an older game it proably ran great on your GF2 - so don't expect it to look much different on a Radeon9700
    W/UT2003 you should be able to crank up all the eye candy & AA/AF, and still get playable frame rates - I doubt you could do that with your GF2
    as more new games come out ( Doom3 :D) the short comings of your GF2 will become more evident...that's when the differences between a 2 year old card and a new card will really become noticable

    ...If you plan on playing CS, Quake3 and SeriousSamFE for the rest of your life - stick with your GF2