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Changing back to AGP from PCI mode.

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  • Changing back to AGP from PCI mode.

    Somehow I've gone and managed to get my GeForce4 Ti4200 128mb card running in PCI mode, which seems to affect my performance about as much as taking the card out altogether.

    Can anybody tell me how to change it back to AGP 8x mode? It's extremely frustrating as I really want to play a bit of Morrowind.

    I'm running a Gigabyte 7VAX motherboard with AMD 1800XP and 512mb DDR ram.

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    PCI mode?...AGP..mode...?

    Usually you place you video card in your brown AGP slot on your mobo and go into bios and make sure its running on the 4x or 8x.
    Fom my understanding the only way you can gte "PCI mode" is by placing a PCI video card and inserting it into a pci slot on you motherboard. Same thing goes with AGP. Also, i have only seen AGP Ti4200's.
    - Damien


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      ok i have had this happen to me the PCI mode info is told in the video options and it says PCI mode after your videocard. I fixed it by reinstalling the video drivers and for my mobo i got the new Via 4-in-1s i dont know if u have a via chipset so if u dont know or dont have one just reinstall the video drivers. Also if you cant get this fixed check if it actually does reduce preformance... i mean for me it didnt but for some people it does so i would check that first and if it does not then just dont worry about it cause all it ussually is a misinform that windows spits out at you, for example my windows 98se seems to claim that its running on a P1 with MMX technology... do i care? no is it a P1? no does it do anything or inhibit anything? no. Good luck


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        I think this person is talking about the video card running at an AGP speed of 1x instead of the 2x, 4x, or 8x. I read on the internet that when your card runs only at 1x (even if you switch it in Bios) it is running in PCI mode. This is also happening to me. My card will run at 4x (i have the Nvidia Ti 42000 64 ddr) but as soon as a load up a game it freezes up on me. I can only run the card at 1x, and unfortunately I have not found a solution for this. I have updated the motherboard drivers and re-installed the drivers for the card, but that has not worked. Can somebody Help us please!!


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          Have you tried a BIOS Flash. It is risky if you do incorrectly your MOBO is garbage. Follow the instruction on your MOBO's Manual.
          - Damien


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            Reinstall the VIA 4-in-1s. What it means when your AGP card is running is PCI mode is that Windows doesn't have a northbridge/AGP driver installed.


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              I ended up in PCI mode when i was fiddling with the
              OCing the fsb usually affects the PCI/AGP clock aswell..
              on most boards..