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Asus GF4 4600 cooling

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  • Asus GF4 4600 cooling

    I have an Asus 8460 GeForce 4600, I was wondering what temps others are getting with their 4600's? My GPU runs at about 55 c and the Ram chips run at about 38 c. does anyone else run at these temps? my Case ambient temp is about 24-30 c. Any thoughts on this would be apreciated: peace2:

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    My G4 GPU is running around 52c - 55c. I thought that was a little high, but I guess it's normal. I haven't put a sensor on my RAM to check the temps though. My inside case temp is steady at 24c. Are you using the stock heatsink or an aftermarket one? Do you have heatsinks on your RAM chips? I am using the Thermaltake G4 VGA copper model with RAMsinks. I don't know if this has helped in cooling the card better than the stock heatsink because I installed it as soon as I got the card.


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      Those temps are fine for those cards. ;)