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green lines on monitor

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  • green lines on monitor

    if i see green lines on my monitor, could it be due to the graphic card is faulty?

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    Or it could be a multitude of other things.
    Have you tried degaussing?
    Perhaps updating drivers?
    Do you have the proper .inf for your monitor?
    Is there any equipment in the area that might be causing electromagnetic interference?
    Is your monitor properly adjusted?
    Is your power supplied to your monitor stable? Perhaps a power filter could help?
    And yes, even the ambient temperature of the room can affect the display on a monitor - now that it's winter here, if the room is too cold, I get an overabundance of output from the red gun until the monitor warms up, for instance.

    There are so many variables here. Getting a different video card may not help. A process of elimination is your best bet I'm thinking.

    Sorry I'm not very helpful, as in "here's your answer". I'd just hate to see you spend hard-earned money on a piece of equipment and then not have the issue resolved.
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      When you say "little green lines", are these lines very short and go all the way across either the top or bottom of the screen? If so, then you are most likely suffering from a bad driver conflict. I have had a couple of the beta drivers for the nVidia cards do this to me. Most of the time these lines would show up during the boot process and then it would immediately lock up the system.

      Try some other video card drivers and see if the problem goes away. If yours acts like mine, then it doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to be a royal pain in the butt.
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        Sorry this won't help you, but when I got this monitor, I put my speakers on either side and in less than a week...I had no green ! AT ALL ! Thank god for warranties.;)
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