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  • ti 4400 overclocking

    i hear all these stories about ppl with ti 4200 getting 4600 speeds and above but i have a leadtek 4400 and can't react them (after 293 and 583 my computer starts to do this 3 second or so freeze when i am playing ut 2003 this is a video card problem yes?), it has a large heat sink, is there anything that i can do to improve my oc, my pc has a decent number of fan(well 3 if you don't count the power supply) but if got one blowing directly at the video card(i was looking at the 2coolpc cuz i have read some really good reviews) will it help at lot? or do i just have a bad chip? i guess i shouldn't complain to much i am getting 1300 3rdmarks but i feel bad everytime i read a review of a ti 4200 going so much faster than my ti 4200

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    The lower models generally have more headroom then higher versions and a lot of times winds up how lucky ya are with the part. Ya may want to check to make sure that the heatsink is properly contacting the components that it's spose to cool (several ppl have found that contact wasn't good and fixed it). ;)


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      How would i go about doing that, cuz as probably know the heat sink is a wrap around and in the review of the ti 4600 verson it was said that you could not take off the heat sink without breaking some pins. thanks for the help


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        ooo while i am at it, the next time want to get an card for ocing, which has a better chance of hitting higher speeds the lower model (such as the ti 4200) or the middle model (4400)?


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          I've never tried it myself as the ones that go thru here (Leadtek is what I use for systems that I build though there maybe a few Radeons goin' into systems here this comin' year) as I havn't had any of these probs yet. Those who have had probs have just stated bad contact between the heatsink and chips but didn't mention how they did it. :(


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            If you think your video card gets hot.

            about the 2coolpc...............
            I've gotten a real good Treaty with it.
            I have a asus Gf2 Pro... my video card freezes ALOT. because the card gets very hot. The fan on my video card is not really working. it needs a push. but the 2oolpc does an awsome jobon cooling my video card. I even have a 120mm Fan video card cooler but that doesn't work as good as the 2coolpc for me.
            If you want video card cooling and you think that heat is the problem (like after fixing your heat sink and still your card lags a bit)......... might as well try the 2coolpc.....
            and w/ video card oc. do you guys think that the Albraton TI4200 Turbo will be good?... it have a cooling fan and heat sinks on the memory....... i think thats a good oc thing..


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              Well, I managed to get my MSI GeForce4-Ti4400 (275/550) to 330/630 and it's running very stabily after I put some DDR-SDRAM heatsinks on the GeForce4's memory. I'm more than happy with that as when I had my ATi RADEON 8500 (275/550) I could only get it to 300/600.:smokin: