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  • 4x_9x.reg download Not Found on this server

    Within the article via X4 enable under the W98 section is a link for a registry editor to correct an eronious listing to enable X4 AGP performance but this brings up a page Not Found on this server.

    On my AOpen AX34 ProII mobo installing the 4in1 VIA drivers (esp the AGP) in standard mode only allows X1 agp performance (ELSA GTS 32MB GF2.) Deleting those and reinstalling the 4in1 in turbo mode allows X2 agp. Like after a year tinkering and wondering how to see what effect the X4 agp enabling of my vid card would yield leads to this registry correction for those fearing messing up their puter manually editing the registry.
    At present the registry list:
    EnableVia4X (about 4 spaces, this posting does not recognise spacebar spaces) 0x00000001(1)
    The guide maintains it should list:

    Spaces and quote marks I presume have significance in the registery, so having a D/L that correctly changes the registry is prefered to going in there and experimenting.

    At present using W98.2, DX8.1 and Det 21.81 for least agrivation playing EQ.

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    Just checked the "Files" page and they're gone. :eek:
    I wonder what happened to them. :?:


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      I'll have that fixed shortly.


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        All fixed, check the new links on the page now! :)


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          Using Netscape browser the 4x_9x.reg link just list the info similar to the article, whereas using Exployer it directs to "?" an actual instalation.

          The problem is, after susposedly accessing the automatic registry fixer, my registry is still the same EnableVia4X 0x00000001 (1).
          And the article mentions it should read "EnableVia4X" =dword:00000001.
          W98.2, GF2 GTS 32MB, AOpen AX34 Pro II mobo.