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  • ATI 8500 Card

    I need information about the ATI 8500. Does this card still have problems with VIA MBs? Is this card running all the current first person shooters okay? Is it more or less comparable to the GF4 4200?

    Thanks in advance.

    Bastille Day

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    I know soltek released a bios falsh that fixed ATI incopatabilaties, but i don't know about others.


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      Problems with the Radeons has disappeared with the later drivers that are now available but to how good it is will depend on the model but they're not as fast as the GF4 Ti4200 though some are faster than the GF3 Ti500. ;)


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        I've run a Radeon8500 & a GF4Ti4200 in both of my boxes - the GF4 is measurably faster in almost everything - but it's not noticable during actual gameplay.

        I've used the Radeon with Via KT266, KT266a & KT400 chipsets without any issues, other than with the very earliest drivers


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          It sounds like there are no longer any problems with this card. If as suggested there is no noticable difference in game play between the ATI 8500 and the G4 4200 and it costs $75 less, then this is probably a good card for a value priced system.