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Is it Possible to have a TV as the Main Monitor

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  • Is it Possible to have a TV as the Main Monitor

    I have just recently purchased a NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX200 with TV out. What I want to know is it posible to use the TV as the main monitor or will I still need to have my monitor. Because right now the TV is jsut an extension of my Monitors desktop. Can some one please let me know if this is possible or what. Does any one know where to get a owners gide for the Nveiw program.

    On a side note I just also boughjt a DVD player and tried running it on a socket 7 use WinDVD but i cant seem to make it run riight it is very choppy does any one have a suggestion thank you. :snip:

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    You could probably use just the TV, but isn't the visual quality lower on the TV? DVD on the socket 7 mobo is probably bad because the system doesn't have enough horsepower to run software decompression properly.


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      Well my K6-3+ will but my K6-2's suck at it. ;)


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        Your K6-3 is also on a Super Socket 7.


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          Yes an EPoX MVP3-C2 (AT format) with K6-3+ 450 @ 560MHz use to do the job well till I moved it to a faster machine but the K6-2 500 @ 550MHz in the same mobo wouldn't. I think that the extra cache had alot to do with this though I could be wrong. ;)