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Damn this card is going to rock!

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  • Damn this card is going to rock!


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    You ain't kiddin it's going to rock! 1ghz of memory on a video card!??? COOL!! Think what kind of framerates you will be able to get.....and also while you are at it....think about this.......OVERCLOCKING!!!!!
    Here are my specs:
    System Specs: ATX generic case with Antec 550 watt power supply. ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard. Western Digital 7,200 RPM 40 gig IDE Hard Drive.(NTFS- file system) AMD Athlon XP 2600 processor.(standard fan and heatsink-Thoroughbred Core-standard speed-NO OVERCLOCK) 1 gig of Samsung DDRAM(PC 2700- 333 mhz....2-512mb sticks running in dual channel mode).Ati Radeon 8x 9600 XT (8x is enabled on motherboard). Soundblaster Audigy 2 sound card. Motorola sb 5100 cable modem (Insight Communications-Cable Connection) BenQ 16x DVD- RECORDER.(records -R/-RW or +R/+RW and CD-R formats) LG 52x32x52 CD Burner. Zip 100 internal drive and a generic 3.5 floppy drive. Windows XP Professional Operating System. I also have a HP Deskjet 3520 inkjet printer and a KDS X Flat 17 inch CRT monitor.


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      Yiha kill a geek!!



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        DDR II memory at 1000MHz -- almost 400 MHz faster than the memory used on the Radeon 9700 PRO -- are key elements of the NV30's architecture that Nvidia expects will help it blow ATi's offering out of the water.

        So, I guess we've told it all now, except for the name of this product. And it's very unlikely be called Geforce 5.


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          Originally posted by [size=6

          I'm sorry but this is old news,;threadid=5275 ;)


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            Wiggo's a party pooper...:laugh:


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              Actually I was wonderin' how anyone could miss the other thread plus it's linkage to this story was late. ;)


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                Your not wonderin anything except how to ppop ppls parties... :p

                What im wonderin is how i cant see you on ICQ? You not on?


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                  Usually no point in signin' in before goin' to the hospital. :(


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                    Well you see, i'm a hard working man, i don't always have the time to browse and read everything that people post here. So therefor it happens that i'll post "old stuff" etc. Please have understanding for this we all have different types of jobs with different amount of sparetime...

                    I'll hope i don't annoy somebody to mutch due to this fact.
                    And if i do, please feel free to express your mind... ;)



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                      im lost... nobody's lookin down on you The_Tweaker - you just askin questions like the rest of us... cept i ask dumb ones...