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Which R9 290 card to get?

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  • profJim
    Re: Which R9 290 card to get?

    The following models use the reference design:
    • XFX R9290AENFC
    • XFX R9-290A-ENBC

    Both of the above cards have a single cooling fan.

    Each of the remaining models in your list uses a custom design that should provide better cooling and be somewhat less noisy.
    You should be able to overclock the custom designed cards higher than any O/C'd reference cards.

    R9 290 Reference Card

    ASUS Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II OC

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  • sapped
    started a topic Which R9 290 card to get?

    Which R9 290 card to get?

    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of building a new PC specifically for gaming, and am thinking of getting a R9 290 for the GPU,
    however I'm wondering which brand exactly should I get?

    Here's the list I'm looking at:
    Choose A Video Card - PCPartPicker Australia

    Also this is the store I'm using since I can get a special price there:

    Which one on that list would be the best bang for the buck? The Sapphire one seems to be the most popular,
    but is it really the best in terms of value/performance ratio? And also low temp heat and great cooling?

    Since I can't seem to find a benchmark comparing all those cards together

    Also on Tom's card suggestion list:
    Best Graphics Cards Between $200-$300 - Enthusiast GPUs

    It says that:
    Make sure you opt for a model with aftermarket cooling though, since the reference model is somewhat loud. Fortunately, Radeon R9 290s equipped with that noisy fan have been replaced by more customized solutions.

    Does it mean the cards on the list are already customized versions with aftermarket cooling? Or do I need to buy a separate cooler?

    Sorry I'm still relatively new to PC building, appreciate any help and recommendations!