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Help with new G4 Ti4600 & 3dMark 2001se scores???

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  • Help with new G4 Ti4600 & 3dMark 2001se scores???

    Last week I got a VisionTek G4 Ti4600 and the first thing I did was to run 3dmark2001se. With no OC'ing I got 8596. I know this would be higher if I had faster RAM. Anyway, since the first benchmark, I have not been able to get close to the first score. During the past week I have got scores from around 7500 - 8100. I have AA off, V-sync off, mipmap set to Best Performance, and AGP is running at 4x. Bios is current. I can't find anything that has changed since the first benchmark. Can anyone help?

    3dmark score -

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    It's most likely bottle necking at your ram.


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      I definetly think its your ram I can get 9000 with a geforce 3 ti500. Im running a xp2200+ with 512 meg pc2700.

      My other system with my ti4600 from oc systems and 1 gig pc2700im getting 12545.

      I actually under clocked the 4600 from its default setting which is overclocked from the factory, to normal settings and im still getting 11000.


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        P4's with SDRAM are strangled units and background services are probably also takin' their toll on ya scores as well. ;)


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          Thanks wiggo, I forgot one thing. I ran my first benchmark after a fresh install of WinXP Pro and a week later I have a ton of stuff installed. I do know that my PC133 ram is a huge bottleneck. As soon as I get my bonus I'm getting at least a P4 2gig with a motherboard that will take faster ram. By the way, does anyone want to comment on DDR or RD ram. Is RDram better?


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            This is my first time running 3dMark2001se, is this a good score?

            If not, what can I do?

            I disabled Vsync and it hurt my score and I started getting weird lines and stuff so thats not an option.


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              Well mrfin,

              high-bandwidth 1066MHz RDRAM deliver the best performance for latest 533MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors today but will sure cost ya more also.

              DDR based P4 533 fsb systems perform very good to according to all tests but has a lower bandwidth. It is just up to you what you choose.

              The next step we will se from Intel in the future is new procs with hyper thread support, i think that combined with 1066 rdram it will be a killer.



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                Mrfin what what drivers are you using for your Ti4600...the memory might be the case...but if you have old drivers you will never get anywhere (score wise).
                - Damien


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                  Yep FLaCo's right, the drivers are very important, maybe you should try some other version.

                  With my ti4600 card i gained about 1.000-1100 3d marks by upgrading from the detonator 29.xx to 41.xx.
                  From 11.646 to 12.715 marks just with a driver update.



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                    Have you tried benchmarking using UT 2003 ?
                    THE benchmark prog is in the system dir...

                    I get 60.1 FPs (1024 X 768)

                    M/B :ASUS A7V8X (raid ver)
                    O/S: WIN2K, SP2
                    RAM: PC2700 DDR WINBOND CAS2.5 (SET TO 2 IN BIOS)
                    PROCESSOR: XP1900
                    GRAPHICS CARD:GEFORCE TI4600(CLUB MAKE)
                    DRIVERS :NVIDIA
                    HDD:MAXTOR D740DX 7200RPM,20GB.


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                      I solved all my problems!!! I went and bought a P4 2.53Ghz, ASUS P4PE mainboard and 512MB Samsung PC2700 RAM. My 3dMark scores went from 8100 to 12700 with no overclocking. See link in my profile.


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                        Hehe got yourself quite a beast there...
                        Good choise of mobo to!



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                          LOL...that should do it....
                          - Damien


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                            No kidding...