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Buying new videocard....

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  • Buying new videocard....

    I now have asus v7100 32 mb with tv output. Tomorrow i'm going to buy a new videocard.

    I think i will buy the new geforce 2mx card the asus v7100 64mb pro version also with tv output! This is the website of the new one:
    Is this a good choice?
    This is the chip of the card:

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    i reckon you should hold off a bit, then in about a month when the geforce4 **supposedly** comes out, you could probably get a GF3 ti 200 for about the same price
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      A GF2 Ti wouldn't go astray either. ;)


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        If you're planning on getting a new card because you want better graphics quality, then I would recommend that you look at something else. While the new card that you're looking at has twice the memory, it is still using an outdated GF2MX chipset. THAT'S what you need to update... not the amount of memory. You will not notice much difference in the two cards performance ratings. Find something that either uses a full blown GF2GTS chipset, or even better, the GF2Ti like Wiggo suggested.

        Of course the GF3 chipsets are much better, but from your choice, I'm guessing that you're working on a rather tight budget... but you still need to get a card with an updated chipset...not just more memory.
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