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is my ti4600 dead?

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  • is my ti4600 dead?

    hi all, im having a huge problem with my leadtek ti4600
    ive had it for quite a while and ive had it o/c most of the time ive had it. recently, i changed the stock cooler to a copper thermaltake G4 cooler and it seemed to work fine....the last few days ive had it at stock speed...and it was working fine last night....this morning, i pushe teh power button and it got to the winXP loading screen and refused to boot. heres the details:

    1. in the bios and POST screen the display is pefectly normal
    2. when it gets to xp load screen there are 4 thin horizontal lines goign through the logo...and as it is loading it gives a blue screen an error saying something like page_error_non_default _page
    3. if i boot into safe mode it boots fine but on the desktop horizontal blue lines are clearly visible.

    so it seems my ti4600 has carked it...ive also tried taking off the ramsinks, cleaning the dust off the card etc to no avail. any idead or comments???

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    Usually when theres lines like that it means something is seriously wrong. However you are probably able to boot into safemode cause it doesn't put as much stress on the component considering it doesn't load the driver. It crashes when booting into windows cause of the driver related issues. Another thread had something quite similar although a bit older. WIth the lines I should say


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      hmm thx for the help...i guess it just confirms that the card is dead:(
      also, i have put teh stock cooler back on and used white thermal paste so it doesnt look suspicous but i doubt i will be able to warranty it cos i cant find teh box or recipt?:shoot3:

      oh well looks like no wi have an excuse to get the radeon 9700 after all lol
      thanks for teh help:cheers:


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        this might sound kind of dumb but before u throw the card away make a good visual check of the card to see if any resistors may have broken off in the handeling of the card... well hope this helps at all:confused:


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          hehe actually yes i have checked teh card over very thourouly and i couldnt find any damage but thx anyway:cheers:


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            That really sucks :cry:. If you do get the 9700 have fun, I really like mine :thumb: