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  • video improvment/XP 1600

    I was wanting to know what exactly contributes to the improved video I see, after switching my CPU from the duron 800 to the XP 1600. It seem as though my video has improved about 20%. I would have thought my SiS 300/305 would have been running it's max with the Duron.


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    You get the improvement because the faster the CPU, the more instructions are being sent to the video card over the same time period so better "real time" rendering can be done with the extra instructions. ;)


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      Wiggo is right (of course he is...) anyway. Your vid card has prolly reached it's top performance now (unless you OC). Before the proc you had want letting it reach it's full potential...


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        I managed to get a 5% increase on my GF3 just going from 1.4TB to 1.4XP. I didn't even max the OC on my Vid Card like I did with the T-bird. : party ha
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          wow I didn't know the sse instructions and whatever else the athlonxp has cuase that much of a difference. I was thinking I"m not gonna upgrade to something that I can overclock to. And I'm especially not gonna upgrade to soemthing that I'm already running. But being they are somewhat faster I think I might go ahead and get a decent one like an 1800 and up. I've managed to hit 1.6GHz :( I might get the 2000+ just so I can stay above that 1.6 region. Then again my dad's athlonxp 1600 does beat my thunderbird 1.4 by a good 3-400 points in pcmark and his mobo sucks! and mine is good.