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  • Radeon 9700

    Is there any bad sides with theese card that makes them a worse choise in a comp than the TI4600?
    Like driver issues within games etc? Any other issues known with this speedmonster? Is there any oc ability in the card?

    Or is it just dumb to go and get one of theese instead of waiting for the nv30? Witch i have understod is going to be mutch faster.


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    Apparently there are a handful of faulty ones out there that won't do 8x AGP rates but the biggest problem most are having are power issues. They do overclock a little but not more than about 20-30MHz for both core and memory by all reports so far. ;)


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      I just recently was having some issues with my Geforce 4 Ti 4400 in my system, as it was just physically too big, and was causing artifacts and system crashes. So I took it back to Circuit City and was able to exchange for a Radeon 9700 Pro. The problems which I have had in regards to the Radeon is I initially tried installing it while I had Windows XP service pack 1 on. Well I had some serious issues with files not being able to save, and system reboots etc. I have a tendency to reload windows when I am not happy about something so that is what I did. I reinstalled windows and the drivers that came with the CD. I have not tried any new drivers as they had some stability problems. So the driver on the CD is good. I have had some system crashes while playing Warcraft 3, but I had my FSB overclocked from 133 to 140 and I only have PC2100 memory. So it is hard to say if it is the card or not on that one. Hope my experience helps in some way.


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        Well the Radeon is alot cheaper than the NV30 will be as well. I bought my Radeon for $318. And it will be going down...