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How do you turn off an onboard video.

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  • How do you turn off an onboard video.

    I need to know how to turn off the onboard video on my Biostar M7VKQ so i can install a pci card.

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    In the BIOS there usually is a option to select where to search for a video device first.
    If you set it to PCI then install the video card then it all should work fine.


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      I am not familiar with your motherboard but there might also be a jumper(s) that you need to move to really disable your on-board video.

      You probably have 'brand' computer am I right? Have you checked the manufactors web site? These kind of things can usually be found from FAQ's etc.

      Good luck.




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        I looked at the manual for that board and there appears to be no setting in the bios nor any jumper on the board for disabling the onboard video. It's possible that adding a card will automaticly disable it, but I doubt it with this board.


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          What kind of computer do you have? Dell? Compaq? Gateway? Or did you build it? My computer (Compaq) would not let me install a PCI card in it. I looked in the bios for disabeling onboard graphics and... nothing. Anyway the computer companies usually try to make it as hard as possible for you to upgrade anything important: Video card, Proc etc... because they do not want to have to hassle with a problem on your comp due to installing third party items. Anyway other than this I really do not know what to say.


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            Sorry but the makers name gives me ominous feelings somehow as this is an OEM manufacturer and not one that usually sells to the general public so it's very likely that the BIOS is crippled as to make warranty problems as low as possible. In fact I've meet this board before and had to give the owner the sad news, he forked out $200aus for a new motherboard muttering something about the lack of info that some ppl/companies give. The difference in performance that the 8K3A gave him plus the fact that he had somewhere to fit his new GF4 MX440 made him very happy. : peace2:


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              Yeah, the BIOS on my Compaq must have been in a war or something. I can't change a darned thing in it. I tell ya something, if building my comp goes well I will NEVER buy pre-built again.


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                Hey there's really nothin' wrong with small PC store jobs as they usually use "REAL" motherboards without crippled BIOS's. They may not want you to fiddle around inside for the length of their warranty so some may have case intrustion setup in BIOS but once the warranty is over most are quite happy to disable any protection that may have been setup if you havn't already got around it. ;)


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                  im gonna have to agree with the guyz....either by jumper or BIOS to turn off ur onboard video


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                    why dont you pry out the chip being the AGP video with a flat-head screwdriver and a blowtorch ?:rolleyes2 will permanently fix the problem

                    WARNING: this may make you do the following...