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  • Default Performance vs Overclockability Performance

    Just a quick question.

    As you guys prolly already know, the Leadtek A250LE VIVO TD Ti4200 128MB features 4ns of DDR RAM which makes its Memory Core 500Mhz and the Asus V8420 Deluxe Ti4200 128MB features 3.3ns of DDR RAM which makes its Memory Core 550Mhz.

    So my question is, being that the Asus card has a higher Memory Core does this mean that its a better card in terms of Default Performance or Overclockability Potential?

    Do you guys know of any good sites that benchmark these 2 cards head to head.

    I would like the Asus card because of the 3.3ns DDR RAM but the downside is that no one has got the card because its out of stock and I don't want to wait forever for it so I'm thinking about just settling for the Leadtek card with the 4ns DDR RAM instead of the Asus.... :confused:

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    The memory core speed is what the manufacturer's default setting is. The true measure is the ram speed. The faster the ram, the higher the theoretical core speed. All things being equal, 3.3ns ram should oc faster than 4ns ram. I looked up a few (retail) references to the Leadtek card and found the listings for the ram on them to be 3.5 and 3.6ns. on the cards without vivo. I wonder why they put slower rated ram on the vivo cards? I don't know of a head to head test.


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      So if I was to go for the Leadtek, you would recomend for me to go for the non VIVO featured card as the faster memory speed will be much better than the same Ti4200 card with the VIVO?

      So if the Leadtek Ti4200 128MB VIVO has the 4ns RAM therefore being clocked at 500Mhz Memory Core what sort of Memory Core are we looking for the Leadtek Ti4200 128MB without the VIVO function dude if they do possess faster RAM?


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        Are you sure that the Leadtek Ti4200 128MB VIVO use slower rated RAM because I just did some resreach and found the following.

        Click HERE and if you also go to the link at Leadtek it also mentions that the VIVO card is clocked at 500 Memory Core clock.


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          The ram on my G4 4200 is rated at 4ns, but I am currently running at 520mz memory clock. Again, the advertised memory clock is what the manufacturer set it for. So, 2 cards could be clocked at the same rate, but use ram of different speed ratings. Below are some sellers' links with the specs for the cards. Without vivo, the memory bandwidth is listed at 8.8gb/sec. With vivo, it is 8gb/sec.


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            I see BigJack.

            Nevertheless, I'm going to be shooting for the Asus V8420 Deluxe Ti4200 128MB as I think its a wicked idea at how Asus decided to use the same speed memory for both their Ti4200 64MB and Ti4200 128MB cards but the only downside is trying to find a place that actually has the Asus V8420 Deluxe Ti4200 128MB with the 3.3ns in stock.

            I'm hoping that Wiggo gets in touch with me soon as he bought his Leadtek from a Sunday market place that have plenty and decent priced computer hardware.

            Come on guys, lets pray for me so I manage to get my hands on the Asus V8420 Deluxe Ti4200 128MB with the 3.3ns RAM.... :afro:


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              Best of luck in you quest.


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                Thanx mate because I have a feeling that I'm going to need it. I'll keep you guys posted.... :)


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                  I ran into an interesting article with some test results on 64mb vs 128mb cards.



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                    I've already bought my card but I'll have a read anyways dude.... :)