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Matrox Millenium G400 vs Gf2 MX200

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  • Matrox Millenium G400 vs Gf2 MX200

    Matrox Millenium G400 16 MB sgram memory AGP
    Maximum Ramdac speed: 300 Mhz

    Geforce 2 MX200 32 mb sdram tv-out AGP, don't sure
    about the ramdac speed on theese MX200 cards, hopefully you knows.

    I use the matrox in my server now and my girlfriend sometimes plays her games there, i have also tested Colin Mcrae2 and it runs very fine in 800x600 16bit with max details enabled on this Matrox card.

    The gf2 MX200 i borrowed to my bro and i may get it back sometime soon so therefore i'm curious if i should even bother to have him sending it to me.

    Is there mutch difference in performance between those two cards? Is it really noticeable in gaming? You can se the server specs below... /Thx

    Intel P3 650 Mhz slot 1 - (100 Mhz fsb)
    768 Mb Pc-133
    Compaq Mobo, (old crappy & dusty but stable as a rock)


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    There wouldn't be a great deal of difference as the Matrox will have much better 2D graphics though Colin Mcrae2 will probably play ok @ 1024x768 16bit with the GF2MX200 though but I couldn't say for sure as I've never used that level of card before. :smokin:


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      I have a friend with a G400, and another friend with a G500, and I've never been able to see the '2d quality difference' and I have an Elsa Gf2 GTS. And my friend with the G400 has the EXACT same monitor as me, so don't even start with that. And we've had numerous lans this summer.

      I think as long as you pick a 'good' nVidia card manufacturer, the 2D performance comment goes out the window.

      None the less, as far as gaming, I would say that both of the cards you suggest are damn close to one another. I would maybe give a slight edge to the GF2 MX. But I would also pick the G400 if you want a dual monitor setup, just because matrox's dual monitor system is better than any other system.