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help!!! need to remove visiontek gf4 hs/fan

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  • help!!! need to remove visiontek gf4 hs/fan

    does anyone have any experience in this vid card to remove the heatsink and the fan off of the card??

    i cant seem to be able to do it easily

    oh ya... its the visiontek xtasy gf4 ti4200 128mb card w/ the circle blue heatsink/fan

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    some ppl say stick it in the freezer (in a freezer bag of course) for about an hour, then try, others say, get the card nice and toasty hot by running 3Dmark on loop for an hour, and try then


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      freezer bag? plastic shopping bag the same?


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        If it's epoxied on, stick it in an antistatic bag. Like the one it came in. Put it in the freezer for an hour. Then you can stick a credit card between the HS and the core(for protection), and then put a screwdriver between the credit card and HS, and put a little twisting pressure on it, do that on all 4 corners. It should come off easily.

        It it's not epoxied on, there sould be little pins that you have to squeeze from the back side of the card to get them out. Then the HS shoud pretty much fall off.