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Geforce 3 ti 500?

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  • Geforce 3 ti 500?

    ok i am planning to purchase a gf3 ti500 vid card but i notice that there are different types of it or makers (dont know the correct term to use) for instance i see one from Vision tek and one from PNY you know. so i am wondering whice gf3 should i get or are they all the same?

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    They all use the same GPU will always be made by nVidia...but the memory and the board is manufactured by the brand that is on the box (i.e. PNY, Chaintech, etc..) I am not 100% sure of this but i think that is how it works. Maybe one of the other guys may correct me.
    - Damien


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      Ya got that pretty well right except that other companies make the memory Flaco. :thumb:
      gorchen5 just see what brands are available to ya then check out the reviews linked on this page, , before making a decission. ;)


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        If your going to shell out for a GF3Ti500 - have a look at GF4Ti4200's as well - It's a faster card & there's a rumour of price cuts coming to compete against the Radeon9000 series.


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          yea it would be stupid buying a ti500 when u could get a ti4200 for a cheaper price:)