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help, windows wont detect card

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  • help, windows wont detect card

    I put my new computer togethor today and I got windows installed. But my graphics are ****ty as hell and I have a ATI Radeon 128MB video card in there working properly. I looked in the windows device manager and didnt find anything. Do I have to do something in BIOS? The video card didnt come with any drivers, just a cd. Please help..

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    It would help if we knew what version of Windows that ya usin'. :smokin:


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      First off, take a close look at the CD. Chances are good that there will be installation files on there somewhere. If there are truly no drivers on the disk, then you need to hit up the ATi site to get some. When you first install Windows, it will automatically set you up at 640x480 @ 16 colors unless it natively supports your video board. This is a failsafe setting.
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        thanks guys. i figured it out. I just went to ati's site and got the latest drivers. thanks for the help though.