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Asus P3V4X and Gf4

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  • Asus P3V4X and Gf4

    got a question will the Geforce 4 say 4400 made by Asus run on my P3v4x motherboard iv heard that there are voltage problems and so on can any 1 tell me if this will or will not work thx

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    Well it does have the required 4x AGP so it should be ok but you could always email Asus to be sure. :smokin:


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      well got e-mail form Asus today and this is what they had to say

      Dear valued Customer,
      P3V4X can support Geforce 4 chipset. But nVidia V5.x or later driver will auto detect the VIA 694X chipset and enable the VGA
      card to run at 2X mode to avoid some system unstable issue while running 3D games or software.

      i guess it runs... hope this helps any one else. O and i feel good to be a "valued" custumer ahaha :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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        Gotta love Tech support asked question again this is what i got

        Dear valued Customer,
        Thanks for Contacting ASUSTeK.

        Sorry, we didn't test the latest VGA card on P3V4X. Please don't use the latest VGA card on P3V4X. It could cause incompatible issue.

        Its like they dont know what the issue could be its kindow like they reworded my question... ASUS go figure