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  • umm PLEASE HELP!!!

    OK here go's

    With out changing any settings or configurations, without doing anything i suddenly have hardware conflicts mainly with video/display hardware & drivers, also when i run a virus scan it freezes just after half way through the scan (i have the latest virus definitions) and another thing, i cannot modify settings in the device manager, i was just wondering if a virus might be the cause, if any opinons or advice then PLEASE!! post thnx. (its getting real annoying using 640X480 resolution and only 16 colours on a 17in monitor).

    Is there some way to change the IRQ or memory allocation? if so please let me know, thanks!!

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    <div align="center"><img src="[email protected]"></div>

    Have you (or anyone who uses your system) encountered an email that looked like the one above? If so, then you have a viscious little worm aboard. I suggest this one because it is known to delete key system and anti-virus files when it is in effect... as well as sending an infected copy of itself to everyone in your address book.

    For more information about it, check out this page:[email protected]

    If it doesn't look like this is the problem, then come on back and we'll see if we can start some troubleshooting. :)
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      the 12/4/01 Norton Virus definitions will pick this one up and quarentine it for you - I know from experience - we had it go through work yesterday & it was opened by 3 users

      didn't seem to do much damage though


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        I just hope that the new mail server will have some form of filtering for email viruses - I get FAR too many in my TT inbox
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