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Trouble with color settings for PNY geforce3Ti200

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  • Trouble with color settings for PNY geforce3Ti200

    I have a PNY verto geforce3 Ti200 video card and I have windows xp professional as my operating system. I am having a problem with keeping the custom color settings whenever I start up windows xp pro. The default setting for the card made everything just a little too dull so I adjusted the colors by right-clicking on the screen and choosing properties,clicking on settings then advanced, then click on the color correction tab. I adjusted the brightness, contrast and gamma to where I wanted it and and saved it , and I noticed the tab itself has it where you can place a checkmark beside"automatically apply these settings at startup"(Which is what I wanted....IF.... it would only work!!) I placed a checkmark there, but everytime windows xp starts up, it keeps defaulting to the standard color settings.....even though I have that checkmark placed telling it to use the custom color setting that I have saved! I have checked the driver version and it says I am using dirver Am I doing something wrong?? Is this the right nvidia driver for this card?? I have to manually go to the color correction tab EVERYTIME I startup windows and it is getting old! Can anyone suggets a way that the card will accept the custom color settings ?? Please post! Thanks!

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    Nevermind! I got it to work! This is how I did it! I went to nvidias site and downloaded the older detonator 23.11 drivers(just look in the FAQ and it will tell you where to download older drivers) and it works PERFECTLY now! I guess the newer drivers are also for the geforce4 mx 440 and don't do as good a job for the geforce3 Ti 200 series.....