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nForce vs. GeForce

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  • nForce vs. GeForce

    Which of these video cards is the better card?

    The GeForce4 Ti 4600 or the nVidia nForce?

    Also, are the lower end nVidia Quadro cards (i.e. quado 2 pro) better than the geforce or nvidia?

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    the nForce is a motherboard chipset not a video card chipset - although it does include integrated graphics

    the GF4Ti4600 is the fastest mature video card available right now - for gaming

    the Quadro series is really for professional open GL applications - depending on the Quadro model you're looking at, the GF4 would probably out perform it in Open GL as well.

    what is it that you'll be running?


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      RDR explained it all, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. The nForce boards are very stable from what I've seen, and I use one myself in my main box.


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        I edit DV video with Adobe Premiere, and I do lots of graphics, including 3d graphics... 3dstudio max, bryce, etc. I'm also looking at starting 3d modeling with Maya.

        Any suggestions as to the best thing to get?

        I'm not really interested in playing games on my computer... I'm not very big into that.


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          You probably want something from 3DLabs, and if you're building the system from scratch, dual processors and SCSI may be in order. I'm not sure about the hardware budget, but seeing as Maya is major bucks, you probably ought to shell out some nice cash for a good system to power it.

          This is my opinion anyway.

          If you don't have the major bucks to toss around, the Abit NV7-133R like I have is under $90 USD on-line. Toss in an Athlon XP 2100+ and maybe a Matrox G550, you're all set. You probably won't be able to use some high-end 3DLabs cards, or any AGP card that is an AGP Pro because of the power requirements.

          GeForce cards are more for gaming, and since you're not doing that, you should honestly look elsewhere.


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            i believe for dv etc, the ATi Radeon All In Wonder is perfect for it.
            There is also a 128mb DDR version coming out soon.
            The only downside, if you consider this to be one, is the drivers that ATi have for the video card.



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              ATi Radeon 8500 or a Matrox card like Morgan suggested. They have the best 2D visual quality, especially when compared to nVidia cards.

              Personally, I'd go for a Radeon 8500 All-in-Wonder. This way, if you ever need another video input/output for some reason, you can use this. Plus the Matrox cards are getting a little dated now, until the new Parhelia comes out. Of course, you could always wait for that card. It will be a beast to be reckoned with.


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                Re: nForce vs. GeForce

                I am a little confused when RDR says that " the nForce is a motherboard chipset not a video card chipset - although it does include integrated graphics" as I have an ASUS motherboard M2NPVMX and this has an On Board Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE so now I am a little confused about the difference of GeForce and Nforce ??


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                  Re: nForce vs. GeForce

                  Ok , I might understand now , but please confirm. Is it that Nforce is a motherboard made by Nvidia ?


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                    Re: nForce vs. GeForce

                    Well I did some more searching and found that the Nforce is not a motherboard .. so I back with my first question if Nforce is a chipset (not motherboard ) and ASUS M2NPVMX has GeForce chipset built in, what really is the difference ? Grrrr

                    Not enough knowledge is painful ......


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                      Re: nForce vs. GeForce

                      You have just successfully resurrected a thread from 2002! Wow!

                      nForce is indeed a motherboard chipset .... the board I'm currently using is based on the nForce4 chipset. GeForce is the current name for nVidia video processing units. Therefore the board you are looking at has an nForce chipset and an integrated (onboard) GeForce graphics processor.
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