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Why is my 3D Mark performance so bad?

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  • Why is my 3D Mark performance so bad?

    Hi, wazzup everyone!

    I have been testing my system with the 3D Mark 2001 SE to find out that it performs very badly for itís type. This is my system:

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows XP
    DirectX Version 8.1 8.1

    Mobo Manufacturer CHAINTECH Inc.
    Mobo Model KJD - 761-8231
    AGP Rates
    (Current/Available) 4x / 1x 2x 4x

    CPU AMD Athlon(tm) XP/MP/4 1533 MHz
    FSB 133 MHz
    Memory 512 MB

    Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200
    Driver Version
    Video Memory 64 MB

    These are my 3D Mark 2001 SE settings :

    Program Version 3DMark2001 SE 3DMark2001 SE
    Resolution 1024x768 32bit 1024x768 32bit
    Texture Format Compressed
    FSAA Disabled
    Z-Buffer Depth 24bit
    Frame Buffer Double
    Rendering Pipeline D3D Pure Hardware T&L

    My score is 4838 and I looked around and found that almost everyone with almost identical systems (different MoBo and maybe different VGA manufacturer) with exact same CPU speeds, amount of RAM etc. had scores up to 7000 or even higher. Here is a comparision pic of someone with a pc almost identical to mine except for the mobo:

    As you see, this is not good at all, his pc kicks mineís ass in all tests (except for nature, but that one is still close). So what am I doing wrong? Is there anyone who can see if there is some tweak I can do to change this?



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    Sorry but the mobo is probably the factor there as it's basically an OEM job. :(


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      yea the mobo is a big deal about the score u get on 3dmark i had a 1400t/bird with rad 7500 ka266 iwill mobo i was geting about 4500ish i got a new cpu 1800XP and it bumped it to about 4800 then my mobo got sold LOL time for upgrade got a new XP333 IWILL mobo and i have now a score of 5678 so it improved it the most.


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        So what kind of MoBo's are we talking about here? nForce? VIA? I researched around the net for the Chaintech KJD before buying and it seemed to outperform the VIA-KTA chipsets.

        But heck, if I want to upgrade my MoBo I could just as well get a new system... I mean, it's so much work and trouble that selling this one and buying a new one probably comes to the same thing (financially as well).


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          Originally posted by razorx8
          But heck, if I want to upgrade my MoBo I could just as well get a new system... I mean, it's so much work and trouble that selling this one and buying a new one probably comes to the same thing (financially as well).
          why get a new system? all you need at the most is a DDR motherboard, and get some DDR ram and u'll be laughing!!

          its fine, really fine.


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            If ya get a performance DDR board like an EPoX 8KHA+, 8K3A/+ or any from Abit, Asus, MSI, Soltek, Soyo or another other of similar specs and ya score will go up quite well. :smokin:


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              My system is very similar to yours and I get around 6000 using the default benchmark. I have found my MSI board to perform quite well, but if you are going to replace it I would suggest getting a DDR333 board like the MSI K3T Ultra.


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                I allready have DDR, I mean, what's the point of having an Athlon with 512MB of RAM if you are not going for DDR. I just heard though that sometimes it increases performance if you change the slot the 512MB DIMM is in. Is this true?

                I have been using many tweak programs like GTU and NVMax so it might be that they screwed up the config, is there any way I can reset the GeForce 3 to it's primary settings... Would uninstallation of tweak programs & dirvers help?


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                  There are performace differences with RAM in different slots on the nVidia nforce based boards, but I take it yours isn't one of those.

                  If you are using the GTU you can reset to "Pre-GTU settings", but only if you haven't overwritten them with a custom setting.


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                    I reinstalled my Nvidia 21.83 drivers and my performance jumped to 6283... I will test 23.11 and 28.32 as well, but I guess that all that tweaking was the problem of the performance decrease.


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                      I've found that the 21.81/21.83 have been the fastest and most stable for me.

                      Oh, and with the machine in my sig, I get 7651 in 3DMark2001 SE. NForce 415 baby!


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                        yea u probably accidentally had anisotropic filtering or something enabled without knowing:cheers:


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                          check to see if your anti-aliasing settings are checked in your display properties. Even though it says no AA in the test, if you have that option checked in the display properties, it over-rides 3dMarks settings. that's about what i scored w/ my G3 when i had AA enabled. I scored about 7200 after disabling.

                          After running about 10 tests, each with a different driver and the exact same settings each test, the 23.11 detenator drivers work the best for my G3. i scored around 100 3d marks higher with the 23.11's vs. the 28.32's. these where my results from my experiment:

                          <u>driver</u> <u>score</u>
                          21.81 7029
                          21.83 7031
                          28.32 7162
                          23.11 7229

                          Each test consisted of these settings:
                          1024x768 32bit 24bitZ Compressed textures
                          No FSAA (also disabled in the display properties)

                          Core 220
                          Memory 496

                          Abit KR7A-133
                          256MB PC2100 DDR
                          AMD XP 1800+
                          3D Prophet III i jumped about 2000 3d marks w/ Nvidia G4 Ti 4400


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                            I've also had good experience with the 23.11's however I've also heard that it can give Visual artifacts with some cards....due to it being a beta driver and all...


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                              The only thing that i've noticed with the G3 and G4 is when AA is enabled, a white line stretches down the right side and across the bottom edge of my screen. I think they still have some work to do on their drivers. I think anyone with a G3 or G4 hasn't even seen what those cards can even do. It was about a year or so after i bought my first generation Geforce before i seen a massive improvment in frame rates playing Unreal Tournament.

                              In 2 years or so, video cards won't have to be advanced anymore, by then, they'll have the power to render real life detailed images. We're not there yet, only about half way there with the Geforce 4 Ti family. i think it's about 200 billion operations per clock cycle is what's needed to perform real life detail.