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problems with gf3ti200 and tft monitor

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  • problems with gf3ti200 and tft monitor


    a friend of mine pointed me in this direction, to try and get help for my pc prob:wave:

    recently i bought and installed a gf3 ti200 gfx card to replace my gf2 mmx400

    previously my monitor ( proview 15" tft ) worked fine with my gf2 card, but since i have installed the gf3 card i have had problems with lines across the monitor screen. the lines seem to get slightly better / worse, depending on the refresh rate set.

    the way it appears i wud say looks like a badly tuned tv set, with white / grey diagonal lines moving back and forth across the screen.

    in the manual it says my monitor can run at 1028 x 768 res @ 75hz, but if i use that refresh the lines on the screen are terrible, at the moment i have it set to 1028 x 768 and adapter default refresh and the lines are still visible, altho not as bad as on 75hz.

    wen used with my gf2 card i had the monitor set to 1028 x 768 res and 75hz refresh and never had any problems.

    iv downloaded the latest detonators drivers for both my gfx card and my monitor, but the lines are still present:cry:

    my system is

    pent 4 1.4ghz
    intel 850 mb
    proview 15" tft monitor
    gf3ti200 64mb ddr
    384 ram

    have any of u guys heard of or experienced this problem? any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    thanks :cheers:

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    Do you have a regular monitor handy to insure it is either or the monitor or video card?


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      i did notice yesterday wen reinstalling the drivers n stuff, that the lines only appear wen the gf3 drivers are installed

      think it might be a faulty card :/


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        Well, this problem sound to me like u've got the res turned up to high and ur monitor can't handle it, try turning down the res a bit, i'm not sure if this will fix the prob but still give it a whirl....



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          yeah wen i reduce the res to adapter default the lines become less visible

          but the thing that gets me is, i used to run my monitor on 1028 x 768 res and 75hz refresh wen i was using my gf2 card and i had no problems at all

          but since instaling the gf3 and tryin to run on the same settings i get the lines

          i spoke to a guy on the helpline for the site i bought the card from and he suggested updating the drivers for my motherboard, which i aint to keen to do coz im a bit of a noob at this technical side of pc life lol, dont want to totally ruin my pc