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Detonator Xp 28.32 Drivers?

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  • Detonator Xp 28.32 Drivers?

    Hey guys, as ussual thx in advance for giving me info on this.
    I have a visontek Xtasy geforce 4 Ti 4400 video card. I was just wondering if the driver disk that comes with the card is the detonator drivers? it is version V1.2. I have no problems with this card or my comp set up at all. If these are not the detonator drivers should i install them? I hear the detonator drivers can boost your cards performance by %50. Is this true? And if so why do compaines not give you these drivers with there product? That is if the drivers that come with the card are not the detonators. Thx again for any info on this matter.

    AMD athlon XP1800+
    256MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM
    Geforce 4 Ti 4400
    40 Gb HDD 7200 Rpm
    ASUS A7V333 Mobo

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    Companies will use customized versions of Detonator drivers when they ship a retail video board.
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      You should get in the habit of installing Det drivers with your nvidia product rather than the cd that came with the card. Even if that cd has the same version Det driver in it, in three monthes a new set of Det drivers will come out, and you'll want those. Dont get me wrong, manufacturer CD's aren't useless, they have wonderful things like WinDVD or sometimes games on them, be sure to check. But in the drivers section, go with nvidias drivers. They made the chip, let them deal with the drivers.
      I'll only use Manufacturer CD's on a PC that im selling to someone who has no idea about driver updates or doesn't play games. That way when they see what driver or driver program is on the PC, they'll see "Elsa" or "Leadtek" or "Abit" and look at their bill and see the same vid card name, rather than "NVidia" and call me to complain about how they paid for a PC and they want all the parts i told them they'd get. It's just a failsafe so i dont have to waste a 5min phone conversation that consists of that person yelling.