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Graphics Aperture Size ???

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  • Graphics Aperture Size ???

    Hi all,
    First off thx in advance for any info you can give me on this.
    I Have just purchased a geforce4 Ti 4400 recently and was wondering what ishould set my graphics aperture size to in my bios. Windows XP sets it to 64MB by default. I have heard that you should boost it up to the amount of physical memory you have in your system, though sometimes if you do this you will actually lose performance. What do you guys think is the best setting for me? 64,128,256 MB ??? Thx again for any help you can give me, my comp specs are listed below.

    Athlon XP 1800
    256MB PC2700 DDR
    Geforce 4 Ti 4400
    WD 40 Gig HDD 7200 RPM
    Asus A7V333 Mobo
    400 Watt ps

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    I'd say you should set it at half the amount of installed system memory, in your case 128 mb cause your system memory is 256...
    I've read this recomendation many times on different computer magazines and sites. (Sorry for my bad english)


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      Cool, thx for the info. Ran 3dmark SE on it and got a 9630.


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        Yeah half usually, i think a quater is ok aswell.


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          I have read that it should be set to half your total memory if you have 256MB of ram or less. If you have more than 256, then set it to one quarter of total system ram.

          Have you hugged a Midget today?


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            well....i've got 320mb RAM....and in my bios it gives me the option for AGP apature size of either 64mb or 256mb...theres no 128mb option. Which one should i choose ?


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              Now that's strange not havin' the 128MB settin' but try the 64MB setting 1st and then if ya have probs then try the 256MB one. :smokin:


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                i have 512md drr ram and i find almost untociable differnce between 64mb and 128....50marks at most
                nice score score with an o/c ti4600 and o/c xp2000 is 11500 so far....i really hope to get 12000! also, don't worri about setting your agp aperture too high bcos ur system onli uses wat it needs....which is often actually even less that 64mb:afro:


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                  Ya, haven't o/c anything on it yet either. Am a newbie when it comes to overclocking so i am doing some home work before i try to full around with it. Hoping to get at least 11000 once i fiddle with o/cing. Any one got any pointers while i am on this subject? Thx allot for any tips.


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                    hmmm well i get 11,200 with my ti4600 running at stock speed....u should be over to O/c your ti4400 to about the same clockspeeds as a stock ti4600...maybe even a bit more ...and i;d say 11,000 isn't too outrageus should aat least come close to it with your system:thumb:

                    btw if you are interested in getting that bit of extra performance out of your video card, i suggest you go to and then d/l the latest beta drivers 29.20.....if u find them to be unstable use the second latest beta drivers...28.70 i think....and make sure to keep up to date on your nvidia drivers....

                    one more thing...i find the best way to o/c a video card is to do the core and ram seperately to avoid confusion...if it can loop 3Dmark 2001 for 2 hrs then it;s stable...and proceed with a slightly higher o/c...i find the first 10-15 minutes to be the most important....during that time it is critical that you watch the screen carefully for corruption...such as coloured dots flashing...if after this time there is no corruption then it shoould be safe to leave the thing going and do watever else u want to do...just come bak every now and then to see if it has crashed:afro:

                    good luck with your o/c!:cheers: