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GF3 Ti 500 temperature

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  • GF3 Ti 500 temperature

    I got an issue with my GeForce. It is an Asus, and when i check the smartdoctor software the idle temperature (non-OC) is 54 C.
    Is that normal or what?
    Also I get an error that the 3.3 voltage is not stable. I see it changing, sometimes dropping to zero. the software says it is due to the Mobo, but could it be a software bug or a problem with the PS?

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    it has to be a software bug cause if the voltage actaully did drop to zero - it'd lock up


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      That is the review that I did on the Crystal Orb chipset cooler. It was installed onto a Prolink GeForce3 card. Page #3 has the temperatures, and you'll notice that in it's stock setup the temperature was 48C, but that was under load.

      So I'm guessing that the monitoring devices that you're relying on are going haywire?
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        Well, I just got the card for a couple of days. So I think they placed a few sensors wrong in the factory or something.

        But I must say that Asus didn't put the biggest fan on this card.
        I am going to try to put a bigger fan on it. First I am going to buy some extra fans to cool the processor a bit more.
        I am going for the OCZ Gladiator. I'm not sure yet on which fan I am going to use it with because I heard something like " fan's out of hell". Sounds noisy :D


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          While the Delta fans are pretty loud, they do a very good job at cooling. I use a Gladiator and have a 38CFM Delta mounted on it.

          As for video card cooling, check out the Crystal Orb that I tested. It took my temperatures for the video card under load and reduced them by 9C! Very nice. :D
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            Well since I am so lucky to have an unlocked cpu, I should go for the ultimate. But the Gladiator is hard to get overhere. So I am going for the Alpha PAL8045. I heard that one was also a good one.
            I haven't found a supplier for the crystal orb herre in holland yet. But have you seen the layout of the Asus board? It is one big heatsink. That was a smart idea by Asus.
            But what kind of idiot decided to put a 4 cm fan on it? I am not even going to try overclocking with the standard fan on it.
            AARGH! According to PC Probe my CPU fan just stopped for 10 seconds. I am going to delete that Asus peace of (PEEEEP) software and going to hook my system to the testing equipment at work. Then I can check the temperature at 15 different places in one go.
            Now I am off to find an instruction on how to place the sensors.


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              would be the noise control- sliverado, iI thinkyou referenced niose as a concern......just a thought.


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                You lost me there Dlab:confused:


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                  Saw it acouple of months ago in a tom's hardware hsf roundup. Very quiet and very effective. It was refered to as a NoiseControl- Silverado. Tom picked it over the glad, and made it his pick of the show, but like the glad there. It's hard to find here. Think I found the info site on Google under "Silverado." Hope that helps out part of your upgrade plans. Oh ya OCZ was very threatened by the twin radial fans, I even tried to track them down to put on my Glad. GL