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SLi'd 6600 problem

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  • SLi'd 6600 problem

    for some reason, i cannot figure out why, i have a problem with these cards. i get a green stripe either horizontally or vertically, but mostly vertical. i am sure it has to do with the vsync settings, since when i did tinker with them it had an effect on the line. but mostly i see it in sierra fact all sierra games. it appears in fear and in cs:source. oddly it does not show up in World of Warcraft though. It will only show up when in windowed mode for that game. anyone ever heard of this problem? got any solutions?

    My rig:
    3800+ x2
    Corsair PC3200 400MHz Dual Channel DDR
    2x BFG 6600 128mb (for some reason this card can be SLi, but not have the sync chip stuck on it)

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    Re: SLi'd 6600 problem

    single 6800ultra smokes that setup your trying to run there....
    Stacker830 Watercooled
    windows7 ultimate 64 bit!!!
    Heatkiller waterblock on intel 2500k @4.5Ghz @1.32volt
    8 gigs Gskill Ripjaw ddr3 2133 @ 1.5 volts
    Swiftech p655 pump,1\2 tygon
    13x120 sunnons on lamptron fc3 controller,
    (2)triple 120mm rads.single raptor 150(reliable)
    biostar TP67XE(this mobo is amazing)
    xfi-xtrememusic,klipsch ultras 5.1/500 watt amp,
    sen hd-595s headphones,logitech stick mic
    co0lermaster-1250 watt real pro powersupply = 99ampz!
    Evga Hydro Gtx 590 on 24"Sony FW-900 at 2304x1440 80 hz = 80 solid fps 16:10 black ops!
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      Re: SLi'd 6600 problem

      I wouldn't say it "smokes" it, but an SLI setup of 128MB 6600GTs just doesn't make sense economically and never has. I'll let someone more experience with SLI address your problem, but my recommendation is to toss the 6600GTs in favor of a single mid-range or high-end card.