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Help...downloaded wrong driver to wrong computer

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  • Help...downloaded wrong driver to wrong computer

    I was looking on the web at a graphics card (3DFX 210-0364-003) that I have from an older computer that I may use in another computer that I'm building and I clicked on the Driver Download icon and I suppose the driver was installed somewhere on my computer. I was not given the opportunity to download it to a particular site or to a floppy.

    I need to find this driver download immediately and get rid of it....I wanted to save it to a floppy for use later but the thing just downloaded "somewhere" unknown to me. Can anyone help me?

    I don't want this driver to interfer with my "nVidia RIVA TNT2 model 64"....if in fact it will.....I'd feel much better if I could just find it and remove it immediately...or put it on a floppy like I wanted to in the first place....I wasn't given the chance to put it just downloaded somewhere (where I don't know).

    I don't even know what it's called to find it in Search for today. What "type" of file would I be looking for? In Search you have Name, Folder, Size, Type, Date, etc. If I knew what type it is I might be able to find it.

    Please help. Thank you!!!

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    Re: Help...downloaded wrong driver to wrong computer

    Downloading the driver will not install it to the computer. Unless you opened the file you downloaded and went through the installation program, it will not be installed. The file itself is harmless. If you did install it, it would be removable in Add/Remove programs.


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      Re: Help...downloaded wrong driver to wrong computer

      Yawg.....I apologize for the duplicate post on this subject. I don't know what I did to cause this.