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HOW DO I ENABLE HDTV ON A X800xl to a computer screen?

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  • HOW DO I ENABLE HDTV ON A X800xl to a computer screen?

    I have a brand new HDTV lcd flat screen 20.5 inch it has a DVI and vga hook ups. Its said it can go up to 18-i/1080p how do i enable it from my x800xl through DVI can i do that or not.

    p4p800se asus
    3.2 ghz
    512 mb ram
    sceptre x20 series
    ps kind of off topic y wont y mother board accept more than 512 mb ram it keeps say BAD BIOS CHECKSUM or just keeps restarting when i put more then 512 in there

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    Re: HOW DO I ENABLE HDTV ON A X800xl to a computer screen?

    For the HDTV problem, check out your Catalyst Control Center. Make sure that you are viewing the advanced settings by clicking "View" and then clicking "Advanced View." From there, click "Displays Manager" on the left side. Afterwards, click "Force..." It'll be towards the right of the window. Scroll down and click on HDTV Mode, then just click the resolution you want to view it at.

    If for some reason you don't see the "HDTV Mode" option, click the '+' sign next to "Digital Panel Properties" and then click "Troubleshooting." On the right side, you should see two options. The top reads: "Add 720p in the Displays Manager" and the second reads "Add 1080i in the Displays Manager." Click the second. Then follow the above steps.

    As for the memory: what size sticks are you trying to plug in? If, for example, you're trying to add a 256 MB stick to your existing 512, some mobo's will reject it (when have you ever seen an advertisment for a motherboard that supports 768 MB of ram?) Another thing to check is the speed and the manufacturer of the existing and compare it to the new one. Most of the time, you can plug in two sticks from different companies at different speeds and it will run just fine and dandy, but there are those rare occasions...
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