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BFG Tech GeForce 5500 OC Question

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  • BFG Tech GeForce 5500 OC Question

    Hey all thanks for reading my post :)

    ok heres the problem, i am getting a BFG Tech GeForce 5500 OverClocked 256MB PCI, the question is, will this run Battlefield 2? or FEAR?

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    Re: BFG Tech GeForce 5500 OC Question

    Yes; yes, but not well.

    BF2 runs great at 800x600 with pretty much everything on low on a 5200, and the 5500 is significantly more powerful than a 5200. You could probably run 1024x768 with a couple settings on Medium.

    F.E.A.R. is playable at some medium, but mostly low settings on a system with a 9600XT, which is significantly more power than a 5500 (even a 256MB OCed one). However, the game is practically unplayable on a 5200. It needs everything at lowest or off, 640x480 resolution, and your choice of forcing DX8 shaders or pixel doubling (which means the game is internally rendedered at 320x240!); either one makes it bear some resemblance to the original Half-Life. The 5500 will probably manage 800x600 with everything off or at minimum, but I think it won't need DX8 or Pixel Doubling. This isn't how the game is meant to be played, but the framerates will do.

    For the record, the card will also run pretty much any other game out there, for now.


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      Re: BFG Tech GeForce 5500 OC Question

      Wow... thank you so much!!! i cant thank you enough i have been trying to figure out if this can play it or not thank you so much man! ^_^