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9800 pro problem...

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  • 9800 pro problem...


    I just bought a connect 3d 9800 pro card from ebay. I started off with a fresh new format of Xp SP2. I have a 500w power supply. amd xp 2400+ and 1gb of ram.

    For some reason I keep getting "VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands" when trying to play san andreas...

    I dreading that this may be a hardware problem... any idea what it may be...??


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    Re: 9800 pro problem...

    Do you have the card tweaked in any way? Mainly overclocked. The VPU recovery is nice since it will reset the processor without restarting Windows if it becomes too unstable. You may also experience that problem while running modified drivers. Make sure you have the latest Catalyst drivers and your card isn't tweaked.

    If the card is stock and you have the newest drivers, it probably means the person before overclocked their card and it simply made the GPU more unstable. Absolute last resort; flash the bios.


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      Re: 9800 pro problem...


      [email protected]'s.... thanks 2 ur reply...

      no the card is standard..... I havent overclocked (yet.. I was planning to but I never got that far) and I have the latest catalyst drivers installed on a fresh install...

      " probably means the person before overclocked their card and it simply made the GPU more unstable"


      I really hope this is not the case.

      The card was sold to me as brand new... but it didnt have the original box :-/. It did look pretty new though.

      I'm going to contact the seller now and ask him what the hells going on...

      im the mean time any more ideas suggestion are greatly appreciated



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        Re: 9800 pro problem...

        Try using it in another computer. If it still doesn't work then you can:
        1. If you still have the serial number on the card you should try to RMA it through ATI. If they won't replace it then you're pretty much screwed.
        2. Flash the BIOS.
        3. Underclock your card.

        How much did you pay for the card?


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          Re: 9800 pro problem...


          Apparently... the guy I bought it with said its under guarantee still.. so I may try and return it as u said.....

          I am however at the momement having a bit of luck... I updated the chipset on my mobo....and fiddled with some bios settings... been playing for an hour so far and it hasnt happened....

          I hope I havent spoken 2 soon ..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

          if it happens again I'm going to contact ATI as u suggested and try for a new one....

          Thanks for the info mate

          Oh yeah.... I paid 67 for it including postage...

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