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Abit or Leadtek?

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  • Abit or Leadtek?

    I am planning on buying either the Leadtek Winfast Geforce3 Ti200 or an Abit Siluro G3 Ti200. Which is the better board and why? Also, I have chosen these two boards because they feature DVI and TV out. What other well known brands have these features?
    Cheers for your help.:confused:

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    I believe both cards are very well made etc. and both companies have been known for making cards that overclock it's basically which one's extra features, eg. games take your fancy more....personally i'd go for the Leadtek...but that's just because i like em:p


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      yeah it really comes down to personal choice, as long as they have the same features...i would also go with the leadtek...:thumb:


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        Firstly ask yourself whether or not you will be using the TV out and DVI functions. Although most top end cards comes with them, I think like 4WDs, most don't ever get used to their full potential.

        Also, as I understand the Abits come with 5nS RAM, so that would in theory limit your overclocking.

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          Thanks all. I think I'll go for the Leadtek (although it about £30 dearer). I need the DVI because I have an LCD display. Where is the best place to buy?


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            that wud depend on where about u live, if u live in us or auds then check out the "what should i buy" section cus theres several lists there.