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6600GT GPU Tape

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  • 6600GT GPU Tape

    I was replacing the compound on my GPU core and I took the white tape surround the chip off. Would this effect anything or cause future damage?
    Just wanted to know because I don't want to ruin it : \

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    Re: 6600GT GPU Tape

    It is likely a thermal tape. While it isn't very good, it is better than nothing. You really need to have something acting as a thermal interface material between the graphics core and the heatsink. Arctic Silver is best but there are others that are workable in a pinch. If you replaced it with nothing between the two metal surfaces, then you need to fix this ASAP.
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      Re: 6600GT GPU Tape

      No, heh, I definetly put compound on the core to the heatsink. The tape I was describing didn't touch the core, it was just surrounding it. Like a cushion for the heatsink to sit on. I felt as if it was trapping heat and making the heatsink not touch as well to the GPU. That's why I removed it.

      I would never put metal to metal