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Just added a VGA heatsink.

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  • Just added a VGA heatsink.

    few questions, I added this heatsink to my 6600 GT, they warned me about 6600GT's because they are oddly shaped with the chip. Well the heatsink fits fine on my card, but my problem is, that the mini heatsinks that came with the fan to put on the ram don't fit with the fan on there, will this be a problem? Also they said to put it on the bottom also, but I don't have any ram in the back. As you can see, the old heatsink covers the ram partially in this image. Now, will things be fine, the new heatink is OVER the ram, but not on it. Also there is a molex connection on my card, but the new heatsink doesn't connect to the card's fan connector area, so do I still need to plug a molex connector in there?

    Thanks in advance, you guys are always helpful.

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    Re: Just added a VGA heatsink.

    Ok, pale ghost i'll answer what i can. First off you don't have to worry about the heatsinks going on the back of the card because you're right there aren't any. your stock hs/f has no heatsinks on the back so you don't have to either. Also, i'm 99% sure that the molex is for fan power only. I ran a 5200ultra without a molex for 2 years and it's been fine. If you want to you can get a small adapter so that you can plug the fan into the card and then power it with the molex here... it's the same one i bought to do the same thing.

    It's prolly the first link depending on what type of connection your g card has for the fan
    As for the memory, it should be ok without ramsinks but i would advise you so cover a small surface area with the ramsink if it is possible.
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