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6600GT (AGP) and DOOM3

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  • 6600GT (AGP) and DOOM3

    I've just had to upgrade my 2nd PC after the cooling fan on the aging Ti4200 failed. I upgraded to a Gigabyte 6600 GT (AGP), the same as the one in the recent review. I'm currently using the 66.93 drivers, but DOOM3 doesn't look right with heavy shadows on the faces of the NPCs (half the face lit, and the other half a black shadow). With the Ti4200 I was using 56.xx drivers and the graphics were fine. I'm thinking of applying the 71.89 drivers and making sure the DirectX is on 9.0c (might still be on 9.0b).

    The no1 PC has a Asus 6800 (non-GT) and DOOM3 runs fine with the 66.93 drivers.

    Does anyone else have any other ideas?

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    Re: 6600GT (AGP) and DOOM3

    Doesn't Doom3 have a video card setup routine? You might want to run it again with the new board so it can get aquainted with it. Many times the two cards will have different internal settings that can make a difference in the display quality. Otherwise you can kill the game (saving off saved games of course) and reinstall so it will force the game to recognize the new video board.
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      Re: 6600GT (AGP) and DOOM3

      Reinstall the video drivers, or preferably download the newer ones. That should work just fine. If not try what Darth suggested. Good luck ;)

      You could also try upgrading Doom3 to the newest patched version(1.2 I believe)


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        Re: 6600GT (AGP) and DOOM3

        To follow up, I tried the auto-detect in Doom3. No effect. I tried adjusting some of the advanced graphic options. No effect. Also tried updating DirectX to 9.0c and the drivers to 71.89. Still no effect. But, FarCry now looks totally awesome! The PC is the one I take to LAN-parties and away if I'm on holidays. I can still play Doom3 fine on my main PC that has a non-GT/Ultra 6800. The graphics issue in Doom3 is more annoying than anything else. Everything else (Postal 2, Unreal Tournament, Day of Defeat, BF1942, QuakeIII, Medal of Honor series, 3Dmark 2001 SE {14100} & 2003 {7400}, etc) plays fine and looks great. I might have to take a look at the OpenGL settings in the display properties. BTW, I have Doom3 patched to the highest level (1.1).

        The rest of the PC is as follows: XP2800+ Barton at stock speed (2079MHz), 512MB single-channel RAM, PATA 40GB & 80GB HDs (salvaged from a previous system), SATA 250GB HD, Gigabyte nForce2 Pro mainboard, Pioneer 108D DVD R/W, ASUS 4816A CD-R/W, and Gigabyte 6600GT. OS' is dual-boot Win98/2000sp4

        The main PC is the same, except for 512MB Corsair dual-channel RAM, 2x80GB PATA HDs (also salvaged from a previous system), Lite-On combo drive, Pioneer 108D, and ASUS V9999TD 6800. OS is Win2000sp4.

        Thanks for your help. It was worth seeing if there is anything I overlooked.


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          Re: 6600GT (AGP) and DOOM3

          The 71.89 have the temperature bug, try the 76.50, I've been running them for over a month now with no problems.

          Doom3 ........... dunno, sorry, don't play it.

          Edit: Use Driver Cleaner Pro when changing drivers
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