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GeForce 6800 256 PCIe

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  • GeForce 6800 256 PCIe

    I have a pcie geforce in dells stock casing with a dedicated card fan. Since the casing has only two openings in the back a small slits in the front, adding anymore coolers is not an option and im too lazy to do that even if it was. Its core temp is now at 57degs with fan permanently on, no graphics intensive progs running in background, and overclocked to 405core and 702mem from 330+core and 600mem. 3dmark05 score is 4400+. Now, how much more can i overclock it to before it reaches the threshold the next time i run half life 2 or americas army with everything to full?

    i dont think cpu is overclockable cos its oem intel. ram is 1024mb 553mhz with no OC.

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    Re: GeForce 6800 256 PCIe

    Overclock until you see artifacts, then back off a bit.

    You can overclock the cpu, you just can't use the BIOS to overclock. You'll need to find software like SetFSB/SoftFSB that will work with your MB.