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  • Help ID'ing a card

    looking for some help identifying a radeon 7000 card. from the part number it seems like maybe a saphire (which I'm not familar with. i don't guess they're big in the u.s.), but the logo is a red diamond, with a "D" in it. it's a PCI slot card.

    here's the info from it:

    Radeon 7000 32mb DDR PCI
    PN 1024-2C02-00-SA
    SKU # 11003-02
    PCB # 35-FC02-D0-00

    any info on this would be appreciated.

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    Re: Help ID'ing a card

    Doing a Google search with any identification numbers on the card might work to find out everything you need to know about it. Thats how I find drivers for old video cards, soundcards, modems, ethernet cards, and motherboard hardware when needed. I'm guessing that Radeon card is just backward compliant to the most recent ATI radeon drivers like an ATI Radeon 7200 AGP card was that I recently ran across in a system I was working on, if thats what your tring to find.
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      Re: Help ID'ing a card

      well thanks for the input; that is a good idea. Googling all the numbers on the card is how I came up with Saphire as a possible mfgr (but like i said, it's got the right part number but a different logo). I've tried a couple drivers, but the system won't boot with the card in. I get a display when it posts, so the card isn't dead; but it freezes before it finishes booting. I thought maybe the manufacturer's site might have a list of known issues that would be of some help. With all the people here who have experience with video cards, i figured someone's likely seen this one.


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        Re: Help ID'ing a card

        I'm assuming you tried the new catalyst driver right? I think it worked with my sister's 7200. Anyways, the easiest thing to do is plud it in another comp to see if it's the card or th comp. Usually, my sis's comp does the same thing but I believe it's cuz of the wireless network card. The freezing stops when I use the ethernet port. IT only freezes when the CPU is multitasking more than 2 stuff i believe it was. Yours seems different though.. so try it in another comp