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All In Wonder 9700 Pro tuner will not capture channels 1-6

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  • All In Wonder 9700 Pro tuner will not capture channels 1-6

    I recently purchased a remanufactured AIW 9700 Pro on ebay from a reputable "power seller". This card was replacing a AIW 128 Rage card that I am moving to another computer. The new Radon card works great except for a problem where the TV tuner will not pickup channels 1-6. The video/audio comes in as scrambled/noise. When I replace the new Radon card with the old 128 Rage card it picks up these channels just fine. I have contacted ATI and have confirmed that I have the latest drivers, but all in all ATI will not help me much as the card is remanufactured and void of warranty from ATI. The ebay vendor replaced the card and the new remanufactured card, but it exibits the exact same problem.

    System is Abit NF7-S Rev 2, Athlon 3200+, 1 gig ram, Win XP SP2.
    I suspect a driver problem with the TV tuner, but am not certain and ATI will probably not be correcting this bug as their development resources has probably moved onto newer cards.

    Thinking that a coax signal booster may help. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.