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When AGP 6600s?

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  • When AGP 6600s?

    Can someone pls tell me when the AGP versions of the Geforce 6600GTs and 6600s will enter the market. And also will they be cheaper than the PCI-E versions.
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    Re: When AGP 6600s?

    Only nVidia knows for sure, but it might be a while and the board makers will have to bear the cost of a PCI-E to AGP bridge chip, so its likely they'll be more expensive.


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      Re: When AGP 6600s?

      If I remember correctly from the articles I've read, nVidia isn't actually making AGP 6600s. Instead, nVidia will make use of a PCI-E to AGP bridge that will allow you to use PCI-E cards on AGP boards, and possibly vice versa. No idea when they're coming out.


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        Re: When AGP 6600s?

        They should be out next month (November) but certainly before Christmas.