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Quadro4 128 vs. ...?

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  • Quadro4 128 vs. ...?

    Ok, so I"m a gamer, but not into the FPS action, more the new generation of MMORPG games out there so video isn't as intense as the FPS action but the new generations are very detailed and as such...

    I have had a PNY NVidia Quadro4 1000 128mb gfx card fall into my hands and wanted to know the impressions on this card to others, say the 9700, 9800, X800, or the comparable Nvidia cards.

    I know that it is near impossible to compare as one is a workstation card made for graffic design and one is made for gaming, and equally hard to find reviews comparing the two.

    Any heads up on if I should sell this Quadro4 to get a 9800 or 6800, or should I just stick with what I've got?
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    Re: Quadro4 128 vs. ...?

    Isn't the Quadro line meant for 3D rendering programs and not games (not that it won't play them...)? I'd suggest a GeForce 6800 non-ultra non-GT. Pixel Shader 3.0 will be useful in some future games, I'm sure, and most MMORPGs won't really get much out of a faster card. I'd also definitely suggest the nVidia line over the ATI line for you, regardless of what you get. Nvidia tends to be better at handling games that are more detailed but involve less movement (Doom 3 is a great example), a catagory which most RPGs will fall into. I think this would be an excellent example of proof of this.


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      Re: Quadro4 128 vs. ...?

      Being a Nvidia Fanboy, i disagree on nvidia line over ati...true the 6800 was in, but for some time the 9800 was good. To lazy to prove my point...ahah sorry...Well yea..your right about quads being 3d rendering card. And also get a dam 6800.
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        Re: Quadro4 128 vs. ...?

        Well I agree about older cards. I was referring to the new lines only. I would never take an nVidia card over ATI in the older markets. There was no real nVidia equivelent to the 9800 Pro. I might now, though, as the 6600GT seems to be much better and is supposed to cost the same price.


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          Re: Quadro4 128 vs. ...?

          The Quadro4's were the 3D professional variants of the GeForce 4 lineup.