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X800 pro and atitool and 3dmark03

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  • X800 pro and atitool and 3dmark03

    hi all
    i bought a sapphire x800 pro last week. using atitool it reached 560 core and crashed. i used "find max core". is it a bug of atitool?? and with everything at stock speed my 3dmark03 mark is 9256. is it normal?? how much the other x800 pro owners are getting? my system is-

    athlonxp 2600+(T.Bred)
    abit AN7
    512mb ram (333)
    40gb maxtor hdd

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    Re: X800 pro and atitool and 3dmark03

    Crashes when overclocking a video card are common. I don't own an X800 Pro, but I'd say an 85MHz overclock on the core is pretty good, based on my experience with older cards.

    I don't know about the 3DMark socre, though. On '03, my 9800 Pro overclocked to about XT speeds can score 6000 on a much weaker system. You have a superior system (P4 2.0A, 768MB PC2100 RAM), and 3DMark is almost entirely GPU-based anyway. I don't know what's standard for an X800 Pro, but it should be more than twice as powerful (meaning it will get more than twice the framerates at some resolutions) as my 9800 Pro, especially if it's overclocked. That won't mean twice the score, but I think you can do better. I've heard of people going well over 10000 with it, but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed to get that much nor does it mean it can't do a lot more. I think what you need to do is some tweaking. Go through the XP guides on and the other relevant guides (there are some more general guides and a Catalyst guide you should look at). You should also look at the services guide at Make sure nothing unnecessary is running when you do 3DMark, as well.

    On other thing: When you overclock, do the memory first. Get the memory as high as it will go, then drop it about 10MHz or so and overclock the core. This will get the best balance between the two as they effect each other's temperature and, therefore, overclockability.