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  • 9800 Pro inquiry

    hey guys!

    I've just upgraded from my 9600XT to an MSI 9800 Pro! performance wise and eye candy wise it runs pretty good! but just curious as when I ran 3Dmark 2001SE I only got a score of 7000ish. Very low considering I was getting 12000+ with my 9600XT. All settings are the same and I'm using cat 4.7, my windows XP is only 2 weeks old since last format. Could this be a driver thing? the driver I got with the 9800 was 4.3 but I've kept the 4.7 driver. Mind you, far Cry looka and runs ****loads better with the new card though!

    thanks for you input!

    (in my XP's display properties it shows up as an 9800XT) :)
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    Re: 9800 Pro inquiry

    Chances are good that when you installed the new board you still had to reinstall the drivers? If so, then make sure you've installed the control panel utility also and make sure your AA/AF settings are off. This is the default condition of those settings for benchmarking.
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