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Gforce FX 5600 (NEED HELP)

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  • Gforce FX 5600 (NEED HELP)

    hey, i have FX 5600 graphics card, and i was wondering if there was anything i can do to "tweak" or overclock it so it runs faster.

    i have already tried "coolbits" to overclock it, but i didnt have much luck.

    RESULTS: "was running at 500MHz now running at 519MHz"

    there wasnt much i could do, as if i went any higher then this, it wouldnt let me save the properties because it wasnt stable.

    please post ideas here !

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    Unfortunately you've gotten hold of one of the laughing stocks in the video card arena. While the FX5600 isn't totally worthless, many boards available for the same money will outperform it in all tests.

    Overclocking is about all you can expect to do for the board itself. For anything else, you'll want to do a Google search for tweaking guides on the individual games you play. Sorry for not being much help, but the card just doesn't have a lot to offer and you've gotten about all you can expect to gain out of it.
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      ohh, so is my card really that **** ?


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        Originally posted by SpiNifeX
        ohh, so is my card really that **** ?
        Yes as I'd rather use a GF4 Ti4200 though a R9600 would be better.


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          ti4200 and FX5600 is about equal, plus DX9 support on the FX.