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  • Buying new budget card...

    Hi. I asked about this in another forum a while back, but thought I would get a last minute opinion before I buy this weekend. Could you guys give me an opinion on the best card from the list (value vs price -- as you can tell, I'm not a big gamer but will play on occasion, also I do some photo/video editing and encoding/playing DivX movies):

    ASUS Radeon™ 9200SE/T 128MB $67
    ASUS Radeon™ 9550 128MB w/ DVI/TV-Out $105
    ASUS Radeon™ 9600SE 128MB $112
    ATI RADEON™ 9200 128MB DDR $127
    PowerColor Radeon™ 9200SE 128MB DDR $66
    PowerColor Radeon™ 9200 256MB DDR $129
    PowerColor Radeon™ 9550 256MB w/ DVI/TV-Out 8x AGP DX9 $132

    I was planning on ATI (since I don't know anything about nVidia cards) but also in the price range are:

    AOpen GeForce FX 5500 128MB (DV128LP) w/ DVI/TV-Out $114
    ASUS V9520 Magic GeForce FX 5200 128MB $98
    ASUS V9520TD GeForce FX 5200 128MB w/ DVI/TV-Out $113
    MSI GeForce FX5200-TD128 128MB DDR w/ TV-Out $84
    MSI GeForce FX5600XT-TD128 128MB DDR w/ TV-Out $142
    MSI GeForce FX5600XT-VTDR 128MB DDR w/ Remote/VIVO $137
    MSI GeForce FX5700LE-TD128 128MB DDR w/ DVI/TV-Out $145

    Thanks for the advice...much appreciated...

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    The MSI FX5600 with ViVo


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      Thanks for the reply...could I ask why you would choose that one?


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        Well for one I have the MSI FX5600 without ViVo as it is, and it's a decent card. Than ViVo is just a nice feature to pack some more bang for the buck :)