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  • video card upgrade

    I think I need a V/C upgrade since its one of the oldest H/W parts in my setup. I am currently running an Asus Nvidia GeForce4 4600 TI 128mb ddr deluxe card. since I last logged into the forums. The has been a major upgrade in the gui plus the forums must'v gathered that member PC specs in profiles take up too much space or somethin. Heres are my system specs below:
    Lian Li x 4 80mm 2x exhaust 2x blower
    Enermax 465 watt PSU with 120mm exhaust fan speed controlled
    Asus A7N8X Deluxe PCB version 2.0
    AMD Athlon XP Barton 3200 (locked) 400mhz running as 2700 @ 2ghz
    can't achieve 2.2ghz with this ram produces slow latencies and is pre timed - will crash if i set it up 200mhz
    Socket A Thermaltake Volcano 7+ copper heatsink cooler
    wihtout speed controller running at 6617rpm
    XMS Corsair 2x 512 3500 dual channel with heatsink coolers running @ 166mhz at each dimm
    1 x Western Digital Caviar Special edition 8mb 120GB
    40x12x48 Liteon CDRW
    Liteon 48x DVD Rom
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 on Creative T7700 7.1 speaker

    Next upgrades list:
    video card
    dual channel 3200 xms corsair to tak me to 400 bus
    Lian Li Warrior case from Xoxide
    light mods cathode
    heatsink with LEDS
    Lian li front bezels

    I found out these ppl build the best of the best for a pre built system

    trouble is

    Which card of these two cards provide better support for Directx 9b and best performance for gaming at high res and benchmarking, and which manufacturers build the fastest ati 9800 XT and nvidia 5950 ultra ie im talking like in terms of providing the best coolers, the fastest seek time ram and overclocking software?
    cheers hope somebody can give us some info
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    Perhaps you should have your own thread, rather than hijacking someone elses.


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      Thread split


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        Am I reading that wrong, or do you have your system underclocked quite a bit?


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          Yeah there's something wrong there, maybe the memory needs a bit more voltage (2.75-2.8v) as I use that same memory (mine has BH5 chips) and it runs an XP2600+ up to a 220MHz FSB.


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            i know apologies apologies i'll start my own thread nxt time. i didn't think 3500 uses bn5 chips, my mem has pre set cas latencies are pre set. 8 5 5 3 or 7 5 5 3 an so gets upset when i change it. slow cas latencies. how do you know that you are buying mem with bn5 chips and how would i of known. are they still being made with these chips? although i did read that a7n8x doesn't have support in cmos for 3500. i know that i do need 3200. it was my mistake. see i thought i could use 3500 as an overclock for the barton, but i bet i'd probably have to o/c that i think that gives me my problems. do you have to o/c your cpu to do that. i hear all sorts of ppl saying that they can run the mem at high bus speeds even with the a7n8x. all help appreciated, cheers
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              BH5 chips aren't made anymore and are hard to come by, and are normally bought used from others now. You shouldn't have any problems running PC3500 RAM, something is up with voltages or timings. Drop the timings to 2.5-3-3-7 and up the voltage to 2.8v


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                ok got to go now, but will talk tomorrow. thanks AMD will let you know tomorrow