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X800XT's; Where are they?

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  • X800XT's; Where are they?

    Hi everyone!
    I was just wondering where I could find an ATI X800 XT? I can't find it anywhere. Some people I have talked to say it is already out, and some say it comes out the 21st. Where would I be able to buy/Pre-Order one? I would get an X800 Pro, but they are overpriced everywhere I look. Please help me find an ATI X800 XT. :oops:

  • #2 and even allstarshop and us-depot but out of stock.....most cards are launching about now


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      Apparently there was a shop in Texas with 150 of them, which have probably all gone by now. Unfortunately they're a little thin on the ground at the moment.


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        ATI Radeon X800XT-PE in stock in Texas:

        "We reported to you yesterday that X800XTs were showing up in retail and at lunch today, long time HardOCPer Matt "CIWS" Waters, brought by his new video card to show it off. He explained to me that the CompUSA in Mesquite, Texas did have 150 of the XTs in stock due to them being a distribution point for Net purchases. The sales associate mentioned they were selling four or five an hour."